Awards Committee

  1. Candis Houston, Chair

The AWARDS COMMITTEE shall be a standing committee of three (3) members each from a different district and shall obtain needed information for, and select recipients of, special awards that may be approved by the Executive Board.

Educational Development Committee

  1. Rhonda Canady, Chair
  2. Megan Berdecio
  3. Nathaniel Thomas
  4. Mazie Will
  5. Vacant
  6. Vacant
  7. Vacant

The EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE shall be a standing committee of seven (7) members and shall promote the professional growth of Association members in all areas of development and performance and at all teaching levels through publications and scholarships.

Governmental Relations Committee

  1. Karen May, Chair
  2. Donna Crook

The GOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS COMMITTEE shall be a standing committee consisting of the Executive Director and four (4) appointed members.  The committee shall work in conjunction with TCTC and shall inform the Association’s membership about state and national legislation affecting business/career and technology education in Texas, react to pertinent national and state legislation, and influence state and national legislation to be implemented that will be to the benefit of the business/career and technology education profession and students in the State of Texas.

President’s Council

  1. David Loper, Chair
  2. Janet Flusche
  3. Karen May

The PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL shall be a standing committee of a maximum of three (3) Past Presidents and shall serve as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas and to make recommendations to the Executive Board and recommend needed changes to the CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS and POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL.  This committee will be responsible for the Hall of Honor and for the Memorial Funds.

Membership Committee

Karen May, Chair

  1. Region 1 - Vacant
  2. Region 2– Vacant
  3. Region 3– Vacant
  4. Region 4– Candis Houston
  5. Region 5–Vacant
  6. Region 6–Karen May
  7. Region 7– Ann Wilson
  8. Region 8 – Tracy Stewart
  9. Region 9 – Charlotte Haley
  10. Region 10– Dan Blier
  11. Region 11– Vacant
  12. Region 12 - vacant
  13. Region 13 – Barbara Leschber
  14. Region 14 – Sandy Dubose
  15. Region 15 – Vacant
  16. Region 16 – Vacant
  17. Region 17 – Janet Flusche
  18. Region 18 – Mazie E. Will
  19. Region 19 – Vacant
  20. Region 20 – Violet Snell

The MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE shall be a standing committee consisting of a chair appointed for a two-year term and elected/appointed Regional Representatives from the Regional Associations.  This committee shall promote active membership recruitment and work with the Executive Board in developing plans, techniques, and programs for membership recruitment.

Nominating Committee

Dan Blier, Chair

The NOMINATING COMMITTEE shall be a committee of three (3) members, each from a different region.  This committee shall serve with the Past President as chair in nominating a slate of Association officers for the following year.

Conference Committee

The CONFERENCE COMMITTEE shall be a standing committee consisting of the President Elect as chair and four (4) appointed members.  The committee shall plan the conferences with the assistance of the Executive Board.

Fundraising Committee

  1. Donna Crook, Chair

Audit Committee

  1. David Loper, Chair
  2. Ron Camp
  3. Cheryl Mallan

An annual audit of the accounts of the Treasurer shall be made by an Auditing Committee of three (3) members appointed by the President.  The audit year shall begin on August 1 and end the following July 31.  A report of the audit shall be submitted to the Executive Board at its annual fall meeting and shall be filed by the Executive Director.

Scholarship Committee

  1. Cheryl Mallan, Chair